One Man Garage Band

by James Robert Kibby

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When I started working on this project, I wasn't sure where it would end up. I had very little experience with sound editing and I had a very low to non-existent budget. Rather than hang my head, I sought to make the most of what I did have, not allowing my perceived limitations to keep me down.

What I loved most about making this album was that I could say it was truly homemade. Aren't things better when they're homemade? Apple pie, chicken dinner, a book shelf, even that "interesting" piece of art your great aunt made that gets passed down from family member to family member in the span of 15 minutes during a family reunion.

Homemade music, however, isn't always viewed in a positive way. So much of the industry today is driven by production and consumption, but it wasn't always like that. Much of the music we take for granted would have been lost if it weren't for homemade and field recordings. Sure, they weren't polished and pretty, but they were honest and accessible. As a lover of folk songs, this was where I wanted to be.

Another reason for why I chose to record in this fashion was to create a situation where the songs in many ways had to stand on their own without any fancy effects or engineering.

Here are what some other folks had to say about this album:

""One Man Garage Band" is a collection of songs that, not only tells a story, but also brings the listener into them. This record is unique initially for it's sonic makeup, being recorded completely on an iPhone. However, the instrumentation and lyrical structure of these songs is so far removed from the cookie cutter template that a lot of CCM music tends to fall into. James Kibby truly has a special way of presenting the gospel from the heart with a ton of passion and a bit of humor." -Trevor Leach

"He plays pretty straightforward ’60s style folk music along with what you might call Appalachian music. Kibby plays guitar, banjo and some percussion. I’m a sucker for banjo and I did enjoy his style quite a bit. He opens with “Old John Henry” which is a fun, catchy song. It’s about as organic sounding as you can get and feels as natural as the rolling meadows and eastern plains. A song like “Clouds For Sale” veers closer to Dylan's style type folk. Bohemian vibes spew from the song and even comes with a harmonica. He goes back to the hills of the Appalachian mountains with “She’s Gone” but he doesn't forget his city roots. As the album progresses “Up On A Hill” and the more more melancholy closer ”Record” were the highlights." -Jamie Funk "Divide and Conquer Music"


released December 24, 2016

Words and Music by James Robert Kibby
Mixed and Mastered by Trevor Leach



all rights reserved


James Robert Kibby Buffalo, New York

As a solo artist, James has been influenced by many old time folk and bluegrass singers, and has sought to keep that sound alive in his music, combined with some more contemporary sounds, and all the while staying true to the faith he holds dear.

Outside of music, James is married and has two beautiful children. He enjoys white Christmases, a good joke, plenty of coffee, and bacon on everything.
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